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 "Remember that you must die." 

This phrase serves as a constant reminder of the fleeting window of time we have on earth. For me, this thought fills me with a deep sense of urgency. A desire to live life to the fullest and leave everything on the field.   


As a husband, father of two, and entrepreneur, I know that living a full and meaningful life is directly tied to my MENTAL & PHYSICAL fitness.

My personal strength and conditioning, nutrition, and lifestyle protocol reflects that knowledge. Knowledge that I've gained through years of study & consistent application.


In the Valhalla Protocol, we develop: 

  • Aerobic Capacity "Energy to execute violently."

  • Absolute Strength "Pick up a burning car."

  • Speed & Power "Sprint to save my kid." 

  • Mobility & Longevity "Pain free, high quality movement." 

  • Mental Fortitude "focused in the face of challenges."

I'm giving you full access to my training split and the opportunity to message me with questions. You'll become a part of an elite community striving to LIVE HARDER and EXECUTE EVERY DAY. 

Til Valhalla, 

Kristoffer Koerper CSCS



V A L H A L L A  P R O T O C O L

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